Theta Nu Chapter at Florida Gulf Coast University

For Parents

For Parents

Welcome to the Phi Mu family! For the past 18 or so years you've been the primary influence in your daughter's life. You've pursued her best interests. The lessons that she learned from you will anchor her as she interacts with new friends, professors and mentors at college. We're delighted that you've allowed us to share in this time with her. You'll be pleased to know that our organization has pursued what is in the best interest of women for over 160 years.

The collegiate years are an active time. We're sensitive to the needs for a balanced approach to the academic and social demands of these years. Our membership development programming is a proven method to make the most of your daughter's time with Phi Mu.

As a Phi Mu, your daughter will:

• MAKE NEW FRIENDS. Phi Mu friendships are built around a common set of core values such as the pursuit of learning, responsible social behavior, and sisterly love for one another.

• GROW AS A WOMAN. We learn to build one another up toward achieving our personal best. That begins with agreed upon "right behaviors" including a zero tolerance policy against hazing in any form.

• DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Opportunities to work with others abound at Phi Mu. Whether your daughter serves in an executive committee position within her chapter or as part of a committee planning a chapter event, we'll provide her with resources, training and mentoring to aid in her personal development.

• SERVE OTHERS. Your daughter will be part of the only sorority corporate sponsor of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals as we work to raise awareness for childhood health concerns and support local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

There are also opportunities for you to be involved in the Phi Mu experience through our Parent Associations. These groups work side by side with the local chapters to plan Parent/Daughter activities, organize homecoming events and participate in recruitment.

Again, thank you in advance for the time we'll spend with your daughter. We're a vibrant, visionary organization with a history of helping women achieve their personal best. You can learn more about us through the pages of this website or by contacting us via email:

Welcome to the Phi Mu Family! First of all, thank you for raising such a beautiful woman and being the greatest influence in her life. From these influence over the last 18 years, she has chosen to be apart of an organization that will always have her best interests at heart. 

The time your daughter will spend in college is going to be very active. Phi Mu understands the importance of academics as well as finding the balance of social life. With this understanding our sisters have helped turn Theta Nu chapter into making the best of their time in Phi Mu. 

While your daughter is a collegiate member she will:

  • MAKE LIFELONG FRIENDSHIPS: In our chapter,IMG_7899.pdf IMG_7896.pdf we develop friendships off of values that we all hold in common. During recruitment your daughter bonded with us over love, honor, and truth. While she spends her time in Phi Mu she will realize that also develops bonds over other values, like high academic achievement, respobsible social behavior, and exceeding the standard of a college student. 
  • GROW AS A PERSON: Towards her time in Phi Mu she will realize that as sisters we will alwasy push others to be their best. This will start will a standard that we make very clear to our new members during their education process. In this standard we outline we don't tolerate hazing, underage drinking, drug use or bullying. 
  • ENCHANCE LEADERSHIP SKILLS: While your daughter is in Phi Mu she will find vast opprotunties to serve the Theta Nu chapter. If your daughter chooses to serve on the Execuitive Board, Committee Heads, or Appointed Positions within Phi Mu or serve on other leadership positions outside of our organization- Phi Mu will give her resources, support and training to help her excel in all her endevours. 
  • SERVING OTHERS: When joining this organization your daughter will know that we pride ourselves on helping others. Phi Mu is the only sorority that has partnered with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. In this partnership we work to hold multiple events that will benefit children's health and to help them live the best life they can. 

In addition to what your daughter will gain from this organization, we also hold multiple events per year for parents and families. We hold Family weekend, Moms Day, and Fathers Day events every year in an effort to tell you how much we appreciate you! 

Finally, thank you so much for supporting your daughter in being a Phi Mu woman! Joining a sorority for a parents can be hard but your daughter will not only be safe, but delighted about being a Phi Mu woman and holding that title for the rest of her life.