Phi Mu

Florida Gulf Coast University

– Theta Nu –

Executive Committee

Elyssa Emmett


Catherine Cortes

Vice President of Chapter Development

Anna Landis

Membership Director

Hi! My name is Anna and I’m so excited to be serving as this year’s membership director. I am an incoming senior majoring in Psychology. My job is to oversee all recruitment operations! I encourage all of you to sign up for formal recruitment in the fall and explore your opportunities through Panhellenic! As always, Wings up and GO GREEK!

Tea Lavigne

Provisional Member Director

Hi!! My name is Téa Lavigne, I am Theta Nu’s Provisional Member Director. My position entails making the new member experience the best it can be. I want girls to remember their experience as a Phi and I want them to feel welcomed into our chapter as I know myself and my sisters are so excited to welcome our newest PC!!!

Cecelia Beard

Vice President of Committees

Hey I’m Cecelia! I’m currently a junior majoring in exercise science and I’m Vice President of Committees in phi mu. Essentially my job is to organize applications and assign committee head and appointed poisons as well as oversee these positions and help where needed!

Coral Lowery


Charlotte Buttner

Academic Excellence

Hey!! My name is Charlotte and I’m currently a junior majoring in biochemistry. I am currently the Academic Excellence Chairwomen for Phi Mu Theta Nu. This position allows me to keep Theta Nu academically inclined to keep GPAs within standards. I am so excited to meet all the new members and watch our chapter grow! Liob

Maggie Graham

Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention

Hey y’all! My name is Maggie Graham. I’m a junior majoring in communications with a focus on public relations, and I’m the Director of Harm and Risk Prevention. As the DHRP of our chapter I am responsible for making sure every sister is upholding Phi Mu’s standards. I love being able to keep our sisters accountable and help them reach their full potential through the values of Phi Mu. I’m so excited to meet all of the strong young women going through recruitment this fall!

Lily Barton


Susannah Colton


Katie Ambrogio


Jordan Mills

Panhellenic Delegate

Hannah Fraizer


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